Friday, March 4, 2011

reading response 7: sustainability and acceptance in dogon country

i was pleasantly surprised to come across a brief summary on the dogon civilization of mali in a global history of architecture (ching, jarzombek, prakash).  it got me thinking about my week long trek along the bandiagara escarpment where i encountered dogon architecture and people-- all deeply connected to the landscape and a way of life that has managed to guard many traditions dating back to the 12th century.  the book in the images below is my response to ching's summary, which includes photos from my trek through dogon country and some text to highlight the architectural features.  i would also like to add, that today's dogon people practice animism, christianity and islam in a tolerant and peaceful manner that has allowed villages of these diverse religions to coexist in close proximity.  we could certainly learn a lot about sustainability and acceptance from the dogon people. 


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natalie lentz wall said...

Such a beautiful response on your experience and ching's coverage of the dogon civilization. Beautiful craft...I'm curious about your design process...what inspired you (and inspires your other) hand-made objects?