Sunday, April 24, 2011


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i attended several networking events this semester, which opened my eyes to the valuable career connections and resources available locally.

first off, i went to the MOMENTUM GROUP textile design offices in archdale to attend an IIDA portfolio review event.  this allowed me to meet first hand with design professionals to get their opinions and advice on diverse topics relating to the design industry.

second up was dinner/portfolio review with architect john lindsey and carpenter robert barrett who gave me a sense of the triangle's architectural scene and potential opportunities.

next, i went to a staff interview event for retailer ANTHROPOLOGIE, to meet with some key figures in the visual merchandising field.  again, we reviewed my portfolio and then talked about my aspirations, understanding of the company and relevant skill sets.

finally, i met with argentinian architect alicia ravetto (my internship mentor) to talk about some potential contract work.

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D. Heath said...

That's pretty cool. I have yet to network :(
Marketing yourself is key these days.

~found you under chapel hill blogs